Not only cigarettes
An IRL/URL exhibition
by Luca Leggero
Offline opening 15/02/2019
Online opening 18/02/2019
A new video art
exhibition format

Not only cigarettes is the first video art exhibition contained in the screen of a cigarette vending machine.

The machine sells cigarettes and other consumer goods. Latest generation, with an integrated screen on which you can upload videos that loop, the machine is located on the sidewalk outside bars and tobacconist shops, it is visible by drivers who pass by, and it works 24 hours a day.

32 videos for 32 artists: February 15 at the vending machine of Tabaccheria Marin Bar, (Via Giacomo Puccini, Viareggio, Lucca), I organized an event in which I showed a mix of the 32 artists' videos I invited and offered a buffet buying products directly from the machine.

The exhibition continues on the machine and online at from February 18 to April 2: every day a different video will be broadcast, for 24 hours, all day and all night.

You can organize it too!

Video schedule
You can organize it too!
Not only cigarettes is meant to be a new format.
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