New Exhibition: Segni Leggeri – Internet is not forever


Segni Leggeri
Internet is not forever

Guido Segni, Luca Leggero
Curated by Alessandra Ioalè

BAG Gallery
Borgo Ronchini 3 Parma
Opening April 28 2017, 6 pm
April 28 to May 28

Bag Gallery is proud to present “Segni Leggeri, Internet is not forever”, a most unusual collective exhibition which displays the works of two artists, Guido Segni and Luca Leggero, as they converge in many aspects while preserving two original points of view over the internet’s presence and influence on everyday life. A chronological, theme-based artistic journey including works from 2013 to 2015, with a special focus on their two latest creations, which open new perspectives on their future research.
Reflecting on the immaterial and digital world, programmed obsolescence and the consequent need for a materialization of the ephemeral, Segni and Leggero go beyond what is commonly known as New Media Art, as they overstep the boundaries of virtual reality, producing performances and works with the help of unconventional artistic materials.

The exhibit includes works from 2013, exclusively visible on-line, the algorithmic performance “A quiet desert failure” created by Guido Segni in 2015, a series of works on canvas which Luca Leggero started in 2015 materializing images taken from Google Maps and Google Art’s servers. The show goes more political and ironical when we meet works such as the 2015 “Facebook LGBT Flags” by Luca Leggero, or the 2014 on-line video performances “Work less work all” by Guido Segni, which both deal with mass generated phenomenons of the digital and post-digital era. In the final section of the show we find the two artists’ latest works, by which they make material what was originally virtual: the 2016 bas relief “Verba volant” by Guido Segni and the 2017 series of sculptures “Google material art” by Luca Leggero.

Concerned with a reality which is less and less real and more and more virtual, but aware of the fact that even the internet could be soon imploding and expiring, worried about data storage and the risk of losing bequest for posterity, the two Italian artists have become influential proponents in their art field, both nationally and internationally.

A catalog of the exhibit will be released on opening day.