Google art on canvas Book

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How do we perceive art after the internet? To what extent do software and hardware affect our fruition of paintings, sculptures and any other kind of artwork? What is the role of fetishism for high-resolution materials over low-resolution materials in this dynamics?

Just a few of the many questions raised by Google Art on Canvas, a series composed by a collection of prints on canvas in which I cropped and enlarged small fragments of high resolution images chosen from the archive of Google Art, managing to show the inaccessible secrets and flaws in the grain of some best-known paintings in the history of western art.

This book is the documentation of a stage of the project: one year after the physical making of the works, Filippo Lorenzin and I wanted to collect the many reflections we had in the past months and got some of the most interesting figures of art criticism involved in the process.


  • Helena Acosta (curator)
  • Klaus Fruchtnis (Chair of Photography at the Paris College of Art)
  • Gretta Louw (multi-disciplinary artist and writer)
  • Nadine Roestenburg (researcher at The Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam)
  • Mike Stubbs (director of FACT Liverpool and Professor of Art, Media and Curating at Liverpool John Moores University)